iFly Indoor Skydiving - Hospitality Special!

iFly Orlando is proud to announce that from October 2010 through December 31st, 2010, Hospitality staff in Central Florida are able to receive Buy One Get One FREE on flights at the attraction.
That’s all they have to do is show a valid ID from their place of employment or a pay stub along with their Drivers license/personal ID card and they will receive the discount. The discount is not valid on Saturdays and they must call and make a reservation.
About iFly Orlando:
Indoor skydiving is as close as you can get to skydiving without actually jumping out of an airplane. It is so realistic that professional skydivers practice their moves in the tunnel, but safe enough for virtually everyone -- from three-year olds to adults of any age.
And indoor skydiving isn’t a ride or a simulator. You actually fly, and you can learn to control how you move by adjusting your body position. This means you can begin to master turns and other maneuvers and get better each time you fly, so every time you fly it’s a different experience – always new and always exciting!
Indoor skydiving is great for individuals, families, youth groups, birthday parties, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and company and customer events. Meeting and mingling facilities on-site for private events.
1) Training
The iFLYOrlando experience begins with your group going into a training room with one of our trainers to learn about indoor skydiving, how to fly in the tunnel and safety, while the second group watches people fly. Each person in the group gets to try out flight positions and hand signals before they actually fly.
2) Gearing Up
After training, the group will go to the gear room to change into a flight suit, goggles and helmet. We recommend that everyone come in pants and tennis shoes that can be worn under the flight suits.
3) Flying
When everyone is suited up, the group goes into the tunnel area and one by one, each person takes turns going into the tunnel to fly one-on-one with a coach. Each rotation is one minute long, which is longer than a real skydive. Each person gets two rotations. Although flying is the best part, watching your friends fly is also great fun and also a great learning experience. The last two minutes in each group is a flying stunt demo performed by one of our trainers -- always exciting and fun.
For more information contact: Nick Romeo 407-903-1150
iFly Indoor Skydiving, 6805 Visitors Circle Orlando FL 32819, iFlyOrlando.com