International Drive - Electrical Charging Stations

Good News:
Did you know that the International Drive is going to have an “Electric Avenue” soon?
Several businesses along the drive, who are OUC customers, have applied and been awarded grant dollars for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. This map depicts the charging station locations to be installed by the end of October 2011.
Because of the number of stations on International Drive we are going to be recognized as a leading destination in supporting EV infrastructure. Get Ready Central Florida is working with rental car companies to make EV’s available in their fleet.
If you are not on the map and you are an OUC customer and would like to pursue grant dollars for a charging station on your property, please let me know ASAP. There are still funds for 30 additional stations.
Thank you to all of the businesses who have pursued this alternative fueling source.
Lisa Snead
Deputy Manager
Downtown Orange County